3 year warranty

The BÜSE guarantee promise

3 year comprehensive warranty

Thanks to continuous development work and the new regulations for the certification of motorbike clothing, we are now in a position to supply you with product quality at a very high level. We are taking this as an opportunity to extend your statutory warranty claim from 24 months to 36 months for products of our own brands BÜSE and ROCC. This applies to products purchased from 15.08.2019 onwards.

The following conditions apply: New products and their standard equipment which show a defect due to material and/or manufacturing faults within 3 years of purchase will be repaired by BÜSE at its own discretion without incurring any costs or exchanged for a product of equivalent quality.

Our guarantee promise is invalid if the defect is due to improper handling, incorrect assembly of the product and/or failure to observe the instructions for use.

If a repair or exchange is not possible for economic or other reasons, we will refund the purchase price. The decision on the existence of economic or other reasons that make repair or exchange impossible is at the discretion of BÜSE. With the refund of the purchase price, BÜSE has fulfilled its contractual obligation.

The warranty period is not renewed in the event of an exchange or repair. Any statutory warranty claims remain unaffected.

The proof of purchase with the date of purchase is valid as proof of the guarantee. The start of the 3-year guarantee is the day of invoicing. It ends automatically on expiry of 3 years and is not transferable.

Insofar as BÜSE exchanges goods or refunds the purchase price within the scope of the guarantee, it is already agreed today that ownership of the exchanged, credited goods shall pass from you to BÜSE or vice versa at the time when BÜSE receives the returned goods or you receive the exchange delivery or the purchase price refund from BÜSE.