EU Battery Ordinance

Dealer information on EU Regulation 2019/1148

With the entry into force of EU Regulation 2019/1148, a set of new rules for the sale of sulfuric acid used as battery acid in lead-acid battery will become valid.
These serve to limit the availability of the substances that could be misused for the illegal production of explosives.

As of Feb. 1, 2021, battery acid may no longer be sold to end users, either in acid packs supplied with the product or as a separately available product. However, dealers may continue to be supplied with it.

However, in order to still provide the best possible service to customers, dealers are allowed to fill this type of battery on site and sell it to the end user as a ready-filled battery.
Thus, not only can the stock be used up, but also continue to sell these comparatively inexpensive batteries.
As an alternative, besides ready-filled batteries, gel and especially lithium-ion batteries are available. Please see our extensive range of Skyrich and Haijiu batteries here.

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