Washing instructions and care of textile motorbike clothing

Motorbike clothing is exposed to a number of extremes during use. The outer material of the jacket and trousers must keep out dirt, dust, rain and sunlight. The membrane on the inside, on the other hand, is exposed to the rider‘s perspiration. To ensure that you can enjoy your motorbike clothing for a long time, it should be cared for properly. Especially if the clothing is heavily soiled or soaked with water after the last tour. It should be cleaned and dried promptly. This will prevent mold growth and clogging of the membrane pores.

Preparation for cleaning motorbike clothing
Before washing the motorbike clothing, the protectors must be removed. Motorbike clothing often has inner jackets, which should be removed and washed separately before washing. Zips, velcro fasteners and buttons should then be closed. You should also empty all pockets. In the case of heavy soiling, soak the motorbike clothing in lukewarm water for about 30 minutes.

Wash motorbike jackets and trousers in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with special or mild detergent at up to 30 degrees and avoid the spin cycle if possible. Rinse the clothing thoroughly to ensure that no detergent residues are left behind. Fabric softener should not be used, as the elastic bands used in motorbike jackets and trousers lose tension due to fabric softener and the perfect fit of the textile suit is no longer guaranteed. Fabric softener also clogs the pores of the membrane.

Drying motorbike clothing
If the jacket and trousers can be tumble dried, follow the instructions on the label. If the clothing is not suitable for the tumble dryer, simply place it on a clothes horse and allow it to dry slowly. Do not place the rack in the immediate vicinity of the heater or in direct sunlight to protect the outer material. If the motorbike jacket has stretch inserts, it should not be hung up to prevent the stretch material from wearing out, as the jacket will be soaked with water after washing and will be much heavier. As soon as the motorbike clothing is completely dry, the protectors and inner lining can be used again.

Caring for motorbike clothing after the wash    
Due to the high demands of motorcycling, both leather suits and textile clothing require significantly more care than normal clothing. After washing the motorbike clothing, it needs to be treated. You can extend the service life of your motorbike clothing by impregnating it, oiling the zips and storing it correctly. Follow the instructions for use of the impregnating agents.

Storage of motorbike clothing
Both leather suits and textile motorbike clothing should be stored in a dry place without major temperature fluctuations.

There should also be enough space to ensure sufficient air circulation. If motorbike clothing is stored in a garment bag, it should be air-permeable or open at the bottom.

Status October 2023