Invista™ Cordura® is a trademark of Invista™ Inc. and designates an air textured nylon yarn. Cordura® is the most widely used textile outer fabric when versatility, reliability and durability are required in a product. It offers high abrasion and tear resistance, much better than other man-made fibers or cotton fabrics. Cordura® is 100% polyamide as the chemical base and has a melting point of approximately 210°C. The fabric is available in different versions for different applications. A 500 D Cordura® fabric is typical for motorcycles.

Hitena® is an abrasion-resistant textile material made of highly twisted yarn. It is a very strong material, yet has a soft feel, is durable in shape and lighter than ordinary polyamide.

Not too warm, not too cold, but "just right" - temperature-regulating Outlast® materials offer more comfort thanks to proactive climate management. Outlast® technology gives textile materials the intelligent added benefit of proactive temperature control. Outlast is dedicated to temperature and humidity management and offers a technology that provides comfortable solutions in everyday life. Only if you can regulate the temperature you can also control the moisture balance and feel "just right" thanks to the Outlast® difference.

Tactel® fiber is known worldwide in the textile industry and is appreciated for its wide range of advantages. Tactel®, the dynamic specialty fiber, is used to make garments that are soft, pleasantly smooth, breathable and lightweight. Strict testing has shown that Tactel® fibers are at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibers. The inherent strength of Tactel® fibers makes it possible to produce textiles that are three times stronger than natural fibers.

Superfarbic® is a special material made of polyester and epoxy resin. This material mix offers maximum comfort through full flexibility and combines the positive features of leather such as cut resistance and extremely high abrasion and wear values. Superfarbic® is used especially in areas where there is a risk of falling.

Nylon is a general collective term for polyamides. Nylon has the highest tear and abrasion resistance of all common textile fibres. The melting point is 250°C and the fibre absorbs approx. 4% of its own weight in water. Nylon 6.6 is often used because the mechanical properties, the heat deflection temperature and the low water absorption are very good.

Polyamide: (also known as nylon) is a fully synthetic fibre that can be used in many ways. From the finest microfibre, through which no rain can penetrate, to high-temperature protective clothing. Polyamides are very elastic, abrasion- and tear-resistant. They have low moisture absorption and are water-repellent.

N500 D consists of 100 % polyamide fibres. It is very resistant to abrasion and tearing. 500 D denotes the weight in grams per 9000 metres of yarn length.

The reflective 3M material consists of directly mirrored, exposed glass spheres, which are applied to a hard-wearing carrier material with a binder system. The incident light is reflected directly back to the light source and ensures early detection at dusk and in the dark.

Teramid® is a textile fabric that consists entirely or partially of Kevlar® or aramid fibers.

P900/600/450 D consists of 100% polyester fibres. It is resistant to abrasion and tearing. P900/600/450D denotes the weight in grams per 9000 metres of thread length.

Backside polyurethane coating of a fabric surface, soft, comfortable, breathable and waterproof.

Carbon generally stands for carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Carbon fibers are embedded in the base material plastic as reinforcement. Carbon fibers have high strength and stiffness, but low elongation at break.

Taslan is a specially textured nylon fibre with a soft textile handle. The fabric is usually water-repellent and breathable.

Thinsulate™ is a trademark of the company 3M for a heat-insulating fleece made of plastic fibres and means heat protection with light weight and volume.

CoolMax® consists of 100 % polyester fibres. The surface structure of the fibre is designed to provide a larger surface area. Moisture is quickly transported to the outside with this fibre.

Neoprene® is a polychloroprene or chlorobutadiene rubber. It is a synthetic rubber that is used, among other things, for heat-insulating sportswear. The material is known for ist use in the diving suits.

Clarino® is a trademark of Kuraray and a synthetic leather that is deceptively similar to Verlours leather.

Amara is a generic term for a synthetic lost leather.

Elastane, also written Elasthan (In the USA and Asia spandex fiber) is an extremely stretchable chemical fiber with high elasticity, which is spun as filament yarn (mostly as multifil) and processed to textile products. The fiber can stretch to 6-8 times its original length and return to its original form after the tension has been released. In combination with other fibres, elastane gives fabrics a high elastic elongation and good utility properties. This material is insensitive to deodorants, sun oil and detergents, but does not tolerate chlorinated bleaching agents or high temperatures. Registered trademarks are e.g. Lycra® and Dorlastan®.

Denim is a cotton fabric originating near Nimes, France. Denim became world-famous for its use in Levi Strauss' American jeans.Traditionally, a warp twill is used for denim, in which only the warp thread is dyed with indigo, but the weft threads are undyed. In the past, ring spun yarns were mainly used, but due to the higher production speed they were at times largely replaced by open-end yarns. Prior to weaving, the warp threads are dyed, i.e. the yarn is only dyed from the surface, but not continuously.

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