The story

From the most successful German enduro rider of all time to a brand. 

Twelve German, two European championship titles, one overall victory at the Sixdays-Isle of Man and twelve Sixdays gold medals: An impressive list of motorsport successes that only marks the top of the long list of victories. Heino Büse is a living racing icon. "I started riding motorbikes as a teenager, but even then I preferred riding off-road rather than on the road, on a Kreidler with a three-speed manual gearbox. My friends encouraged me to continue off-road riding. The word enduro didn't exist back then."

So the young Heino Büse enters the world of off-road racing. However, there was little money to be made, so he had to find a profession. Heino Büse joins the German army as a professional soldier, although not, as it seems obvious, as a motorbike dispatcher. He can only indulge in his hobby in his spare time. Heino Büse stays with the Bundeswehr, where he trains young officers as a staff sergeant. In 1982, he quit off-road sports and started a motorbike accessories business alongside his work at Barras. This was the birth of Heino Büse MX Import GmbH and the BÜSE label.

Heino Büse